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Equipment and organization of technological lines Hydrobest Sp. z o.o. they are subordinated to the production of hydraulic cylinders.

The selection of individual machines and devices that make up the technical equipment was made in order to meet the technological tasks.

The technological processes used in our company can be divided into several groups, depending on the equipment used, i.e .:

  • machining; turning, milling, drilling, grinding polishing
  • technical chroming
  • hole machining in sleeves (honing)
  • assembly, control of manufactured products

I. Machining:

We have a wide machinery park that allows us to manufacture cylinders in a very wide range of diameters and lengths. Depending on the expectations of the contractor, we can produce cylinders in diameters from 32 to 350 mm and a stroke of up to 4200 mm.

Turning, milling

In the field of machining, we have several numerically controlled lathes. We have a wide range of conventional lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drills enabling single-station execution of more complicated details for the needs of current production.

Grinding, polishing

Our grinders have a wide range of grinding and polishing possibilities using the center, centerless and shaped methods.

II. Technical chromium:

short line (max length up to 2000 mm, coating hardness 750-950HV 0.1)

III. The machining of holes in sleeves

honing holes up to Ø40x350 mm length max. 1200 mm