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Standard cylinders


Piston, plunger, support. These types of actuators are used in various branches of industry. Our products are used for the construction of agricultural, municipal, forestry, construction and military machines.

These cylinders are characterized by a rigid, strong construction, which allows reliable and long-lasting work in difficult conditions. The surface of the cylinder piston rods is covered with a hard chromium layer, which ensures their resistance to external factors.

One-sided action

The working fluid only affects one side of the piston causing extension. The return of the piston rod occurs under the influence of weight or external action.


The oil acts on both sides of the piston, causing the piston to move out and return. The actuator operation is controlled by the operator by means of a diverting valve.

The cylinders produced by us are used, among others, in agricultural machines, eg tractors, combines, trailers, forestry, construction machinery, road and railway and even sea transport, forklift trucks, municipal equipment, hydraulic lifts, technological equipment, wheel loaders.


The plunger hydraulic cylinders are single-acting cylinders in which the diameter of the piston and the diameter of the piston rod are the same. The plunger cylinder can only develop pushing force and is available in non-piston versions.


Cylinders of such a construction are used in self-propelled cranes and car lifts. They are characterized by one-sided work. All support cylinders are equipped with a feedback control valve, which cuts off the piston chamber during machine operation. Due to the high rigidity of the actuator required, thick pistons and increased guidance are used.